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When Children Want a Cellphone

Nowadays, it’s not only adults that are hooked on getting the latest cellular phones; complete with the latest in technology; special features and all the available applications that can be packed into one tiny cellphone gadget.

Kids too, have become hooked, for lack of a better term, to cellphones. They see their parents clutching the coolest cellphone known to man and they want to have the same too; not only for its various applications but more so to show-off to their friends. It poses some kind of message for kids when they have the same cool gadgets like everybody else.

What happens then when your child starts to ask for one? Should you just give in without hesitation? There’s no question that young kids should really not be permitted to own a cellphone just yet. But for the older kids, it wholly depends on the parents’ judgment.

Cellular phones are necessary for communication and if you are out of the house often and your children happen to be out too; with their peers or some school activity; getting in contact with them each time both parents and children are apart is important. Cellular phones will definitely make this simpler for everyone.

In addition, cellphones can be very helpful also to kids in times of emergencies.

Another way to turn this cellphone ownership subject into something positive is teaching children how to be responsible cellphone owners. Setting limitations as to their usage is an essential factor when considering giving children their own cellphones. While listening to songs and taking photos may be a few of the things that children want to be able to do with their phones; allowing them to browse the internet or chat minus parental supervision should be something parents need to think twice about.

In this case, giving them a phone with only the bare essentials could be the answer. Also, giving these phones as incentives for doing well in school will train kids that they have to show good behavior in order to be permitted to have their own cellphones.

Finally, one way to likewise show them how to responsible is training them to save allowance so they can buy their own prepaid loads; or both parents and children can split the cost of the cellphone. There are various ways for parents to get something constructive from these gadgets.


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